Producing a Musical

Are you currently looking for the perfect musical to produce with your theatre company? If so, just go through the following list until you’ve found the right show for your talented group of musical thespians!

1. Do any of the following describe your cast?

Since these are very specific types of casts, I would start out by going through one of the following posts if any of them apply to your situation. If not, move on to the section below.

All-Female or a Strong Female Lead

College Aged

High Schoolers



Middle Schoolers

Single Piano Accompanist

2. How big is your cast?

If your cast is either very large or very small, I would suggest choosing one of the following posts to help pick out a show. If none of the following apply, move on to #3 below.

Small (3-6 performers)

Large (25+ performers)

Just Two-People

3. Is your theatre located in any of the following locations?

If so, it can be fun to celebrate your location by choosing a musical that’s set there!






New York

4. What time of year will your musical premiere?

It can be really exciting for both performers and the audience to act in or watch a show that’s fitting to the season. And doing so may also boost sales, especially around the holidays!


Musicals About Sports

Musicals About Spring


Comedic Musicals

Musicals About America (for the 4th of July)

Musicals About Pirates

Musicals About Summer


Dark Musicals

Dramatic Musicals

Halloween Musicals

Horror Musicals

Mystery Musicals

Zombie Musicals


Christmas Musicals

Musicals About Family

Musicals About Politics

Religious Musicals

5. Choose a show that fits your personality!

If none of the above lists are resonating with you, you can try choosing a musical based on your own personality or interests! Do you have a passion for any of the following?

Classic Musicals

Classical Music

Country Music

Disco Music



Folk Music

Gospel Music


Pop Music

Pop/Rock Music

Rock Music


Soul Music

The Avant-Garde

6. Or honor your favorite composer by performing one of their shows:

Ahrens and Flaherty

Andrew Lippa

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Bock and Harnick

George and Ira Gershwin

Jason Robert Brown

Kander and Ebb

Leonard Bernstein

Lerner and Loewe

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Pasek and Paul

Rodgers and Hammerstein

Rodgers and Hart

Schmidt and Jones

Stephen Sondheim

Stiles & Drewe

The Sherman Brothers

William Finn

Musicals Written by Black Artists

7. And if all else fails, it never hurts to think outside of the box:

Musicals for People Who Don’t Like Musicals

Obscure Musicals

Underrated Musicals


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