Exclusive Theatre Trip Interviews

Below is a comprehensive list of all of our theatre-related interviews to date. If you have someone in mind that you would like for us to interview, make sure to search for it in the search bar. We might just get in contact with your favorites to see if they are interested in being featured! And if there is a profession that you would like us to cover, you can send us a message on Instagram.

The following interviews are sorted into categories. So regardless of whether you are an aspiring director, actor, playwright, or designer, you’ll be sure to find something to inspire you on your budding theatrical journey!

Interviewees with a πŸ† have won or received a Tony Award nomination.

Actors & Actresses

Afra Hines

A.J. Shively

Cameron Bernard Jones

Christie Prades

Christina Bennington

CJ Stewart

Grace McLean

Jonathan Burke

Patrick PageΒ  πŸ†

Susan Louise O’Connor

Sven Ratzke

Telly Leung


Connor Gallagher

Lorin Latarro


Andrew LippaΒ  πŸ†

Grace McLean

Costume Designers

Caitlin Cisek


John Susman

Paul Kampf


Ken DavenportΒ  πŸ†

Stefan Pagels Andersen


Stefan Pagels Andersen

Lighting Designers

Tyler Micoleau Β πŸ†


Joey Cassata


Matthew Murphy


Inda Craig-GalvΓ‘n

John Susman

Matt Cox

Paul Kampf

Rachel Carnes


Ken DavenportΒ  πŸ†


Sven Ratzke

Sound Designers

Kai HaradaΒ  πŸ†

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